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What is a Funeral?

Arranging a funeral involves many legal, religious, cultural and practical requirements. W Larcombe & Son has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with such matters including the Public Health Act & Regulations for burial or cremation, Occupational Health and Safety requirements regarding handling the deceased body, Council requirements, Death Registration procedures and many more.

Whilst there are legal reasons to hold a funeral, a funeral service is held so that relatives, friends, and work colleagues have a chance to say goodbye to the deceased. It is part of the grieving process that we as individuals should experience; it must satisfy the physical need to lay the deceased to rest. It must also satisfy our emotional, spiritual and social need to grieve and express our feelings about the deceased.

W Larcombe & Son Funerals have helped hundreds of individuals and families during their grieving process and guided them through the many challenges associated with organising a funeral for their loved one.

Funeral services may be held in a church, at the graveside, in a crematorium or at a place of your choice. Some of the early decisions and information required that you will need to consider regarding your loved one’s funeral day are:

  • Name, address and age of the deceased
  • Where you would like the deceased to rest
  • Name and contact details of the Doctor of the deceased
  • Where to have the funeral service
  • Burial or cremation
  • Time and date of service
  • Whether the death certificate has been issued.

Arranging your loved one’s funeral provides an opportunity to commemorate and remember the deceased.  W Larcombe & Son staff will guide you through this experience every step of the way, contact us now

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