Bereavement Support

caring-handsW Larcombe & Son Funerals understand families, friends and relatives are grieving with the loss of a loved one. We also understand how sensitive and emotional these times can be to everyone involved. That is why we offer bereavement support to our families.

Grief is a normal emotional and physical response when we have experienced a significant loss and/or change in our lives. The death of someone we love results in emotional responses such as disbelief, anger, guilt, depression and a feeling of emptiness. Physical symptoms can include sleeplessness, loss of concentration, feeling detached and numbness.

We have an extensive bereavement care program which includes personalised follow up, bereavement care seminars, art therapy seminars and our annual A Time to Remember service.

For support or to discuss how we can help, please contact Donna Drew-Morris, Bereavement Care Coordinator

– email or call 02 6882 3199.